The Wisdom Teeth Guys

Wisdom Teeth Removal is What We Do

Welcome to The Wisdom Teeth Guys. All we do is wisdom teeth removal! We have convenient offices around Salt Lake City and the Dallas Metro Area.

When it comes to wisdom teeth removal, most patients’ top concerns are: cost, convenience, safety and keeping pain to a minimum.

  • Because we perform your exam, x-rays and wisdom teeth extractions all in just one appointment we are able to keep our fees affordable and save you the time and hassle of multiple visits.
  • Since our practice is focused solely on wisdom teeth, you will get exceptional care.
  • Our anesthesia is generally provided by a CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetist).  This allows your doctor to focus on your extractions and the CRNA on monitoring your anesthesia instead of one provider trying to do it all.
  • 0% interest financing is available with no credit check.  You can even finance your deductibles and co-pays if you have insurance!

We have offices in both the Dallas/Forth Worth metro area and throughout northern Utah!

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