When Should I Remove My Wisdom Teeth?

When Should I Remove My Wisdom Teeth?

Having your wisdom teeth removed is often considered an initiation into adulthood. Since most people get them removed somewhere between the ages of 16 to 19, it’s often one of the first major medical procedures that people experience. Wondering when to remove wisdom teeth is a common concern, so here’s a guide to help you know when to remove your wisdom teeth:

If you’re in pain

If you’re experiencing pain in your jaw, you may need to get your wisdom teeth removed. Some other common problems that are caused by wisdom teeth are inflamed gums, sinus issues, headaches, overcrowded teeth, and cysts developing in the back of your mouth. If you’re experiencing these symptoms or if these symptoms tend to run in your family, you might want to consider getting your wisdom teeth removed quickly.  

After you’ve done your research

Even if you need surgery quickly, be sure to do your research carefully. Oral surgeons, dentists, and orthodontists can all give you a variety of insights to help you make your decision. Be sure to compare the risks and the benefits. Ask your insurance what they will and won’t cover, and you can even shop around at different oral surgery centers to compare services, prices, and reviews. As for when to remove wisdom teeth, do it before getting braces.

Before you get braces

As wisdom teeth get bigger and break through your gums, they can often cause overcrowding in your mouth. This can make your teeth crooked and cause teeth to chip away at each other. If you’ve already gone through the expensive process of having braces or other orthodontic gear, wisdom teeth can ruin many of the benefits you’ve gained. Be sure to get your wisdom teeth out before you get braces so your teeth don’t shift when your wisdom teeth come in.

After considering these factors, you can successfully determine the answer to your question of when to remove wisdom teeth. Find the time that’s best for you, and explore all of your options. For affordable and quality wisdom teeth removal, check out The Wisdom Teeth Guys. They offer a variety of services to ensure a pain-free care for wisdom teeth. To see when you should have your wisdom teeth removed, contact The Wisdom Teeth Guys today!

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