Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Tips

Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Tips

Getting wisdom teeth removed is often one of the biggest medical procedures patients have ever had. Since wisdom teeth usually come in between the ages of 17 and 25, patients are usually very young and haven’t had any other major procedures up to that point in their lives. This can be a scary–and painful–experience. If you or your child are worried or are experiencing pain when wisdom teeth start developing, here are some tips on wisdom teeth removal recovery that you need to know:

Not everyone experiences pain

When wisdom teeth come in, they can be painful to some, but there are also many people who experience no symptoms whatsoever. These people may be fine waiting until later in life to get their wisdom teeth removed, or they may not need them removed at all.

Yes, wisdom teeth coming in can hurt

For those who do experience pain, we’re going, to be honest with you: yes, it can hurt. Sometimes your jaw may ache, or you may feel a sharp pain in the back of your mouth behind your molars.

You can get your wisdom teeth removed before they come in

If you’re worried about the pain of having your wisdom teeth break through your gums, it may be a good option to get your wisdom teeth removed while they’re still impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth are wisdom teeth that are still growing and trapped inside your gums. This can help you avoid pain when your wisdom teeth come in, as well as keep you healthy down the road.

Often, the pain from wisdom teeth doesn’t come from them coming in

Wisdom teeth can be painful–but the wisdom tooth arrival is not the worst part. The worst pain often comes later, as wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding in your mouth, create cavities in other teeth, or inflame your gums. Wisdom tooth removal is usually recommended to avoid these problems. If you’re concerned about the procedure, read these wisdom teeth removal recovery tips.

If you’re worried about feeling pain when your wisdom teeth come in, contact your oral surgeon and ask if early wisdom teeth removal is an option. Some people may avoid getting wisdom teeth removal because they’re scared of the pain of surgery. However, we promise the pain is worth it. Most people recover very quickly, and it helps you avoid worse pain later in life. There are many wisdom teeth removal recovery tips, such as gargling with salt water and keeping your head elevated, that can make you heal much faster. In addition to following wisdom teeth removal recovery tips, you can avoid pain by talking with an oral surgeon. Learn more about your options by contacting us today!

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