What can You Do about a Toothache During Holiday Barbeques?

What can You Do about a Toothache During Holiday Barbeques?

Having a toothache during a holiday barbeque is a pain in and of itself. However, if that toothache pain comes from a wisdom tooth and that can make the situation more complicated. What do you do? Should you wait it out all weekend until the next business day? Never is a dental question more frustrating to answer than during a time of pain and not knowing what to do about it.

During non-business hours, if we run into dental dilemmas, far too often we tend to aim to wait it out and put ourselves through a plethora of unnecessary pain and discomfort. Instead of calling our dentist, we rely on ice and over-the-counter pain relief measures, which may or may not work, and certainly don’t address the cause of the pain.

While many of dental offices across the country are likely closed, a growing number of dentists are beginning to offer additional, weekend, and holiday hours to treat emergency dental situations such as this. There is no need to remain in pain unnecessarily when The Wisdom Teeth Guys can provide you with the solution that you need.

The next time you see or call your dentist, ask if the office has emergency hours, you may surprise yourself. A dental office with emergency availability can provide you with an emergency contact phone number.

Payment Options

One of the largest questions when it comes to dental emergencies pertains to the costs involved, particularly since each dental office differs in the payment methods that they accept. Typically, there are three primary options: cash or credit, dental insurance plans, or dental plans.

Cash or Credit

If you have an emergency fund in place, cash may be an option for you. However, not every patient is prepared for the full cost involved with dental care, particularly emergency dental care. While the cost involved will ultimately depend on what needs to be done to ease your discomfort, the costs can be surprising.

If cash isn’t your thing, most dentists accept the major credit cards as a form of payment. Although a number of people carry at least one credit card, this option may not be available to every dental patient.

Dental Insurance Plans

Having a dental insurance plan can be tricky when you are experiencing a dental emergency, particularly if your regular dentist does not offer emergency hours. While dental insurance can ease some of the burden of the cost of the procedure, not every dentist accepts every dental insurance plans. For this reason, having a plan in place in advance for dental emergencies will relieve worry and frustration should a dental emergency occur.

Dental Plans

Dental plans can provide an excellent alternative to dental insurance, although, they have their own disadvantages to consider. A dental plan is not the same as dental insurance. On the contrary, a dental plan is a savings plan in which in-network dentists have agreed to charge a fixed discounted rate for plan members. While this can certainly save you on some of the cost, the success of a dental plan involves ensuring that you know who the in-network providers in your area are.

Toothaches are a real pain in the jaw. However, there is no need to suffer in pain needlessly regardless of whether it is a regular business day, a holiday, or a weekend. A solution is available for you. All you have to do is pick up the phone and let your fingers do the walking. The next time you have a toothache during a holiday, don’t delay. Call The Wisdom Teeth Guys today.

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