What Are the Signs You Need Wisdom Teeth Pulled?

What Are the Signs You Need Wisdom Teeth Pulled?

If you’re in your late teens or are a parent of someone in their late teens, you might be wondering how to know if wisdom teeth need to be pulled. It’s a fair question, especially since not everyone needs them pulled. For a lucky few, wisdom teeth cause no pain, discomfort, or problems whatsoever.

Most of us, though, don’t get to take the easy way out, and it’s important to know when to remove those pesky teeth. The time to pull them is between the ages of 16 and 19 when the teeth haven’t fully set yet. Ideally, you’ll know to have them removed before experiencing any pain or discomfort as they grow in. Sometimes, though, we’re not thinking about them, so we end up painfully reminded how big a problem they can be. Here are the three biggest signs you need wisdom teeth pulled.

Pain at the Back of the Mouth

The most obvious sign is pain. For many of us, the teeth grow in impacted, meaning they grow in at an angle. Obviously, teeth that are angled are less than helpful, and they aren’t likely to break through the gums, so they start causing pain as they push against other teeth. This is the clearest sign that those third molars have got to go.

Stiff and Achy Jaw

Even if your wisdom teeth aren’t growing in impacted, they can still cause problems simply because they take up more of the limited space in your mouth. Wisdom teeth can crowd other teeth, shifting them and causing discomfort that kids who had braces are all too familiar with.

If you experience stiffness or aching in the jaw, it’s likely that your wisdom teeth are meddling with your molars and causing problems that only extracting can fix.

Inflamed Gums

Even if your wisdom teeth grow in right and aren’t causing any problems for your other teeth, they can still cause trouble. This final sign can happen because the new teeth are so far back, and are thus difficult to clean. As the teeth break through they can allow bacteria into the gums. After they’re exposed, food particles can build up around them, which can develop into an infection.

You’ll notice either of these problems because they result in swelling of the gums, along with tenderness and discomfort.

As we stated above, hopefully, you’ll know it’s time to have your wisdom teeth removed before you experience any of these painful symptoms. However, if you do see these signs you need wisdom teeth pulled, contact us today to have your teeth looked at. A prompt extraction can spare you further pain and discomfort.

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