The Signs Of Your Wisdom Teeth Coming In

The Signs Of Your Wisdom Teeth Coming In

Technically your wisdom teeth are just third molars. They received the name “wisdom teeth” because they usually come in between the ages of 17-20 when you are becoming wiser. It is certainly true that it is wise to have a dental surgeon monitor your wisdom teeth, and that removal of them is a good preventive measure. How do you know if your wisdom teeth are growing in? Here are some symptoms you may experience.

Redness or Swelling

Wisdom teeth can sometimes come in crooked, or not break through the gum at all, which can also cause impacted teeth and possible infection. A sign of your wisdom teeth coming in is redness and swelling behind your second molars.


As your wisdom teeth are coming in, the pain is usually mild and uncomfortable at its worst. There may be occasional sharp pains. It may also be uncomfortable to chew where the wisdom teeth are growing in.

Fever and Headaches

Just like when a baby is teething, as your wisdom teeth are growing in you may experience a low-grade fever and headache during their growth spurt. Wisdom teeth will usually grow a bit, then stay dormant a while, so the symptoms will not be constant.

Gum Flap

When your wisdom teeth actually break through, you might feel and/or see a gum flap, also called a pericoronal flap, over the tooth.

Accidental Biting of Tongue

As the new wisdom tooth or teeth come in, you may find yourself biting the back area of your tongue or your cheek as you adjust to the new teeth.

It is pretty easy to know if your wisdom teeth are growing in. The difficult questions arise when deciding how to handle them. Contact us today if you have questions or concerns about your wisdom teeth or any other dental care issues.

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