The Possible Wisdom Teeth Complications

The Possible Wisdom Teeth Complications

Many dental patients wonder if wisdom teeth removal is really necessary. There are cases where it is not, but generally, as the wisdom teeth begin to grow, they cause the other teeth to crowd each other. This can cause pain, decay, infection, gum disease, and sometimes root resorption. The best way to avoid these potential problems is to remove the wisdom teeth before they get too close to the other teeth or roots.

Possible Removal Complications

Wisdom teeth complications can occur both during and after removal. However, most complications are avoidable or uncommon.

Dry Socket

The most common complication of wisdom teeth removal is dry socket. The hole left in the mouth after the tooth is removed can become infected. This is referred to as dry socket. It is usually caused when the scab comes off before it is fully healed or a blood clot fails to form. If you experience pain or notice a foul smell or taste, contact your dentist immediately. Also, if you have had dry socket in the past, if you smoke, or if you are over 25, you may be more likely to have dry socket, so be sure to mention any of these to your dentist.

The best way to avoid dry socket is to carefully follow all the care and pain management instructions your dentist has given you.

Nerve Injury

Impacted wisdom teeth are harder to reach and often close to the nerves. It is possible to bruise or injure a nerve during the removal process. This can cause paresthesia (numbness) to your tongue, lips, chin, and gums. It usually only lasts a few weeks, but can be permanent. It does not cause weakness in the mouth area; however, it may interfere with tasks such as eating and drinking. Your dentist will inform you of the risks before the procedure and will do everything possible to avoid injuring the nerves.


You also may experience an infection or bleeding after wisdom teeth removal. Contact your dentist if you experience pain, swelling, excessive bleeding, fever, or if you see a white or yellow discharge from the extraction site.

What Can I Do to Aid Proper Healing?

It is important to take care of yourself properly after any medical procedure, and wisdom teeth removal is no different. Be sure to stay hydrated, stick with soft foods, and get plenty of rest. Follow the aftercare instructions given by your doctor. The Wisdom Teeth Guys also have lots of helpful tips for a safe and speedy recovery.

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