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Older teens and young adults are sometimes surprised at how painful it can be when their wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, begin to break through the gums. But they’re the classic definition of the late comer. By the time they emerge, your jaw is already populated without having any less than 28 adult teeth. Their growth can either take place partially or emerge at an angle on each jaw. These typically are the benefits of having a session with a qualified wisdom teeth specialist.

Tooth decay, also known as dental caries or cavities, is a common complication of infected wisdom teeth and can actually leave holes in your molars. These damages can really ruin a clean and perfect smile. Taking great care to select an experienced oral surgeon with a great reputation might help you avoid such issues. By locating a good dentist, you could steer clear of the bad breath and unattractive smile that can result from ignoring issues with your wisdom teeth.

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It is not likely that you will get dry socket after a regular tooth removal; it affects about 2% of cases. The percentage rises up to 30% if you are handling the wisdom teeth. But a dry socket is not really an infection in the conventional sense, and you won’t experience fever, redness or swelling, if you have one.

The symptoms you can experience of a dry socket are like a foul smell, recurring throbbing pain and sometimes a stiff jaw. The oral surgeon treats dry socket by irrigating the area to eliminate any trapped debris and afterwards covering the open socket with a medicated dressing that contains a painkilling agent. This dressing has clove oil which acts as a pain reliever during the recovering period.

Your dentist may decide that it’s going to benefit you to have your wisdom teeth removed; and he or she may proceed with it directly. A great wisdom tooth dentist can assess your situation and recommend the most appropriate treatment for it. You’ll receive personalized care, from the initial evaluation to the actual removal procedure, that ensures you’re comfortable the entire time.

One possible complication of a botched wisdom-teeth removal surgery is nerve damage. This complication can lead to numbness, pain and a tingling feeling in your chin, tongue, lower lip, gums and teeth. Nerve damage is rare, however, if it is neglected, it can be very serious and the damage can become permanent. Treatment of the damaged nerves sustained after removing your third molars can be solved through endodontic treatment or root canal therapy.

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Several Reasons Why You May Want To Make A Wisdom Teeth Removal Appointment Today April 25, 2017