Wisdom Teeth Removal in Richardson, TX

Wisdom teeth removal in Richardson, TX has never been easier. At the Wisdom Teeth Guys, our licensed dentist offers the most advanced dental treatments, techniques, equipment, and technologies. With your dental care as our priority, we want your wisdom teeth removal experience to be as great as it can be.


Our Wisdom Teeth Removal Practice

At the Wisdom Teeth Guys, we will first have you meet with our dentist, Dr. Ben Hilton. As a dentist with years of experience, Dr. Hilton values your care and how you feel during your wisdom teeth removal in Richardson, TX.

From your first consultation and exam to the day of your procedure, we want you to feel prepared. So don’t hesitate to ask any member of our team questions you may have about your procedure.

Some of our most asked questions include:

  • Why do I need my wisdom teeth removed?
  • Will I be asleep during the procedure?
  • What does the recovery look like?


Get Started Today

If you begin to notice pain around your wisdom teeth—those are the last set teeth in your mouth—it may be time to schedule an appointment for wisdom teeth removal in Richardson, TX.

With only the most advanced dental treatments and technologies, we want to provide you with the best care possible at an affordable price. We value our relationship with our patients and offer flexible payment options.

If you think you have wisdom teeth problems, just call our office at (214) 317-4039 or schedule an appointment directly through our website.