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Third molars are frequently referred to as wisdom teeth and they only start to emerge in human beings who are in their early adulthood. They can be significantly painful as they develop. But they are the classic definition of the late comer. By the time they emerge, your jaw is already populated without any less than 28 adult teeth. Their growth can either take place partially or emerge at an angle on each jaw. You need to read below to see why you should consult with a wisdom teeth specialist.

You could be stressed when you think about visiting a dentist for a checkup let alone when you have a problem. Wisdom teeth are another step up from a simple sore mouth, and can cause problems after the extraction process is over. Some lucky people do not experience pain and discomfort when their wisdom teeth erupt, and they could not need to have them removed. Even when you do not have your wisdom teeth removed, it’s important that you have them checked to ensure that there is no food stuck between them, which might promote gum severe ailment and tooth decay, among other issues.

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Sometimes problems may arise when you’re dealing with dental issues but there are higher chances of complications occurring if you’re handling wisdom teeth. The more skilled and experienced your dentist is and the more compliant you’re with any after-care instructions, the less likely you’re to experience serious complications. Your lifestyle can also impact your chance of developing complications after wisdom tooth surgery; for instance, if you smoke, you have a higher risk. Diseases in the mouth may additionally be brought on by remnants of food and other bacteria that may become caught on the wisdom teeth.

When you have an inferior dentist operate on your wisdom teeth, you may experience surgical complications like nerve damage. The symptoms to such issues are pain, numbness and prickling sensation in your tongue, gums, your lower lip, chin and also teeth. If nerve damage isn’t treated right away, it can become permanent. The best thing is that nerve damage sustained after the removal of the third molars can be treated by the use root canal therapy or endodontic treatment.

Of the possible complications that you may experience after having your teeth removed, dry socket occurs in only 2% of cases. The chances pops up to 30% if tooth removal is conducted on wisdom teeth. The regular symptoms of infection like redness or swelling may not occur with an instance of dry socket, so you shouldn’t use those symptoms to find out when you have it.

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Learn Why You Should Be Seeing A Wisdom Teeth Dentist March 20, 2017