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There’s nothing quite as important as being well-informed before you go into a medical situation. It should help you to understand and overcome any challenges you may face. It is wise to get the right wisdom teeth dentist that you are okay with, who’ll evaluate your condition and offer specialized treatment that you need for the best results. Keep reading to discover how a qualified dentist can improve your health by removing your wisdom teeth.

You should bear in mind that a dry socket can occur in 2% of normal tooth extractions. Whenever these procedures involve a wisdom tooth, however, that 2% chance jumps to 30%. A dry socket is not an infection in the conventional sense, and you won’t experience fever, swelling or redness, if you have one.

When the wisdom teeth erupt it can be extremely painful because they’re pushing through the gum’s surface. When your wisdom teeth erupt at an angle, you will probably experience pain in nearby teeth. Your wisdom teeth might be removed even when they’re not causing you pain or discomfort; they might be removed because your dentist can recognize that they will cause you future problems down the line. You could use medicines to relieve the pain but that will only mask the problem.

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The risk of infection and decay from impacted wisdom teeth increases over time, and cannot be eliminated by antiseptic mouthwash alone, so do not delay seeking treatment. Any popular dentist you visit because of tooth decay or infection will evaluate your wisdom teeth to see if they are the cause of the problem. Third molars tend to be removed because they present a sizable risk for infections and disease.

Like any other tooth removal procedure, there’s a chance for just about any number of complications to occur during a wisdom tooth extraction. A complication in the procedure of a tooth extraction can be caused by an imperfect skill level on the part of the dentist, or an imperfect adherence on the part of the patient to stick to the dentist’s instructions. Infection is a common complication after wisdom teeth removal, especially if people smoke. Such infections often result from food and bacteria that get trapped around the surgical site.

If your wisdom teeth are not effectively removed, you could develop infections that may spread to other parts of your mouth. The pain and discomfort you may already feel because of the wisdom tooth infection could become exponentially greater if you also develop a throat infection. These kinds of infections can become very serious, even to the point of making you not able to eat for days or even weeks.

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