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Older teens and young adults are sometimes surprised at how painful it can be when their wisdom teeth, also referred to as third molars, begin to break through the gums. Since you already have 28 teeth at adulthood, wisdom teeth come in very late or sometimes don’t emerge at all. Their growth can either occur partially or just emerge at an angle mostly as two in each jaw. Keep reading to learn why it’s so important to find a qualified specialist if you ever have problems with your wisdom teeth.

There’re always chances that complications with any kind of tooth extraction, including wisdom teeth, can occur. Your dentist’s expertise, as well as your ability to follow his or her instructions, are just two of the factors that determine whether or not you will experience complications after your wisdom teeth are removed. One of the most common complications of wisdom tooth removal is infection, which happens to be more likely among smokers than non-smokers. Infection can also be promoted when food and also other bacteria are caught on the edges of wisdom teeth.

The right dentist can assist you avoid most of the common problems. An experienced dentist who understands wisdom teeth will remove or realign the teeth without causing you further discomfort. Remember that proper eating will be affected by problematic wisdom teeth: do not let other health concerns become yours if you neglect to attend to your wisdom teeth.

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Whenever a wisdom tooth erupts it can cause the patient a lot of pain as the tooth breaks the gum’s surface. The pain from erupting wisdom teeth can be significant and radiate to neighboring teeth, especially if these “third molars” come in at an angle and become impacted. You might be one of the lucky ones who may have no pain from their wisdom teeth, but you may still experience some problems with them somewhere down the line. While you could of course take home remedies and over the counter treatment for pain, the relief they bring you may only ever be temporary.

Tooth decay, also known as dental caries or cavities, is a common complication of infected wisdom teeth and can actually leave holes in your molars. These problems caused by the infections damages an ideal smile. If you see a dentist, you could avoid any embarrassment that comes with a cavity-filled smile and boost your confidence. However, unless you choose the right dentist, you’ll be left with bad breath, false teeth, and far worse.

Dry socket is a complication of tooth removal surgery that can cause jaw stiffness, pain, and even a foul smell. The very first thing a dentist will do for a dry socket is to irrigate the socket to remove any food debris. Then he or she will cover the open socket with a dressing that has been medicated with analgesic. Clove oil, a pain relieving agent, in the dressing should help relieve the pain during the recovering period.

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Learn Why You Should Be Seeing A Wisdom Teeth Dentist March 20, 2017