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Third molars, or wisdom teeth as they tend to be called are really common for young adults in their late teens or early twenties. They can be very painful when they do emerge. By the time the wisdom teeth develop, you will already have 28 adult teeth in your mouth. Partial emergence can be a source of pain for patients. These reasons explain why it is imperative that you consult a skilled and experienced dentist when you have wisdom tooth issues.

If you already have the heebie-jeebies when you see the dentist for a checkup, you might feel even more anxious if you have to see him or her for an actual problem with your teeth. Wisdom teeth are more complicated than the rest of your teeth and they can be the source of pain before and after their extraction. Some lucky people have their wisdom teeth come in at an angle that’s not severe enough to cause any discomfort or pain. You should get third molars checked often because there are tons of problems that they can lead to.

The removal of your wisdom teeth can only be done by your dentist for your own benefits. The right wisdom teeth dentist will look at your condition on your teeth and know the very best treatment you need. You could expect the very best care and pain control from a dentist or oral surgeon who has a lot of experience in removing wisdom teeth.

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Most issues that you may experience with your dental health can be avoided if you see the correct dentist. A highly skilled dentist who may have experience working with wisdom teeth will know how to oversee the extraction procedure, realign or remove the problematic teeth and do all of this without making you go through unnecessary discomfort. Because infected wisdom teeth can make everyday actions like eating and sleeping nearly impossible, make certain you see a qualified dentist before your overall health and peace of mind suffer.

There’s merely a two percent chance that you’ll develop a dry socket condition after a tooth extraction. The chances can rise up to 30% if it’s wisdom teeth being removed. Dry sockets are not categorized as infections because they do not usually include fever or intense swelling.

Like any other procedure that remove teeth, complications can occur during wisdom teeth removal. Your likelihood of having complications after wisdom tooth removal surgery depends upon factors like your ability to follow all post-operative instructions and your dentist’s level of expertise. Smokers in particular are prone to infections, some of the most common complications following wisdom teeth surgery. The edge of the wisdom teeth can be a trap for food and other bacteria, which can rot there, and lead to severe ailment.

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Seek Out A Wisdom Teeth Removal Professional For The Best Oral Health March 20, 2017