Reasons Why You Need A Visit To An Experienced Wisdom Teeth Dentist In Your Area

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Older teens and young adults are frequently surprised at how painful it can be when their wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, begin to break through the gums. Sometimes they don’t appear at all, but either way, they are considered late comers. Wisdom teeth sometimes grow partially, and sometimes they’ll emerge at an angle. Mostly there’re two wisdom teeth on each jaw. Here are some strong arguments for seeing an experienced dentist about your wisdom teeth, even when they are not causing you pain at the moment.

If you experience a throbbing pain which recurs steadily, a foul smell and perhaps a stiff jaw, after a tooth extraction, you may have a dry socket. After the socket is found, your wisdom tooth dentist will wash out any debris in the socket and cover it with a medicated dressing. The dressing will often have clove oil, a pain reliever, in it.

Dental checkups can be stressful for anyone, but this is even worse in case you have an actual problem to be treated. Unlike other dental issues that are simpler to treat, wisdom teeth are more difficult and can cause issues both before and after their extraction. That said, sometimes people’s wisdom teeth will come in at an angle without causing any pain or discomfort. Even in the absence of pain, your dentist needs to evaluate your wisdom teeth to find out if they’re likely to cause any of the common problems, like decay, gum disease, abscesses, or a lot more serious conditions necessitating their removal.

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Talking of dental caries as one of the ailment that erupts after a wisdom teeth complication, it leaves holes in the remaining molars. Just imagine how much damage cavities can do to a beautiful smile. Taking great care to choose an experienced oral surgeon with a great reputation might help you avoid such issues. However, unless you choose the right dentist, you’ll be left with bad breath, false teeth, and far worse.

If an incompetent dentist removes your wisdom teeth, you may experience nerve damage as the result of a botched operation. You may end up with numb or tingling feelings in your mouth and surrounding areas. In certain rare cases, this nerve damage can be permanent if not treated immediately. The same old treatment for nerve damage following wisdom tooth removal is a root canal or endodontic procedure.

Your cheeks, tongue or throat can be affected if the wisdom teeth are not removed effectively. Such infections can even affect your ability to eat effectively until the offending wisdom teeth are removed. These infections can become very serious and leave you unable to eat for days or weeks depending on the severity.

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Reasons Why You Need A Visit To An Experienced Wisdom Teeth Dentist In Your Area March 20, 2017