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You can empower yourself to overcome the challenges you’re faced with if you learn info about the situation. Do the needed research to find an oral surgeon that you feel confident will give you the very best possible outcome. Here’s why you’ll definitely need to find a well-qualified dentist experienced in removing wisdom teeth.

Infected third molars — also referred to as wisdom teeth — can eventually cause infections in other parts of the mouth, including the tongue, throat, or cheek. While it’s frustrating enough to not be able to eat your favorite foods, a throat infection can also cause you a lot of pain when swallowing. Infections can grow to a very serious level such that you will start skipping meals for a few days or even weeks depending on the level of seriousness.

Older teens and adults in their twenties may experience a good amount of pain when their wisdom teeth start to erupt through the gums. The pain can be significant when a wisdom tooth is coming in on an angle and pushing against neighboring teeth. Even wisdom teeth that fail to come in at all or do not cause any pain can eventually become problematic. Also remember that although medicine or natural remedies can provide some relief, this relief is simply temporary.

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After surgery, an incompetent practitioner can leave a devastating nerve damage that can be a serious problem if you do not have the right wisdom teeth dentist. Numbness, pain, and tingling in the lower lip, chin, gums, and teeth are a few of the effects of nerve damage. In certain cases, patients can have permanent nerve damage. But nerve damage sustained after the removal of wisdom teeth can be treated with root canal therapy or endodontic treatment.

As with any type of tooth removal surgery, complications can occur when having your wisdom teeth extracted. The complications that can occur with a wisdom tooth extraction are many, ranging from the skill of your dentist to your own ability to follow your dentist’s instructions. One of the most common types of complications affecting people who certainly have had their wisdom teeth removed are infections, which can be even worse if the patient is a smoker. The sockets where your wisdom teeth used to be can also become inflamed or diseased if food or bacteria become trapped there.

Dental checkups are already extremely stressful when they are routine, but this stress is made even worse when there is actually something wrong. What they seem to fear most is certainly the discomfort associated with some dental procedures, and being told that they need their wisdom teeth removed can really escalate that fear. Wisdom teeth may start to come in on an angle, then become impacted, often without causing any real pain. Wisdom teeth can still cause infections, however, and should be checked over thoroughly in order to prevent certain ailments like tooth decay, for instance.

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Seek Out A Wisdom Teeth Removal Professional For The Best Oral Health March 20, 2017