Why You Need To Schedule A Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Wisdom teeth are named as such because they emerge when the patient is coming of age as an adult. They are also referred to as third molars. These generally are the set of teeth that grows last in adults if at all they decide to pop up. They can either grow as two on each jaw or partially. Below are various reasons why you should find a qualified wisdom teeth specialist to attend to your needs.

If your third molars are removed, but the job isn’t done effectively, infections of the tongue, throat or inner cheek can develop. You may even get an infection in your throat which will damage your swallowing ability. Do not underestimate the seriousness of an infection that can make it too painful to eat for days or even longer.

Dry socket causes a throbbing pain, jaw stiffness, and a horrible smell, and it’s a possible complication following wisdom tooth surgery. When found, your wisdom tooth dentist will wash away any debris and afterwards cover the dry socket with a medicated bandage. Clove oil, a pain relieving agent, in the dressing will help relieve the pain during the recovering period.

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When there is another tooth removal in your mouth, you have a 2% chances of dry socket infection coming up. But in the case of wisdom tooth removal, the probability of dry socket is a whopping thirty percent. Do not expect symptoms like redness, swelling or fever because a dry socket can’t be classified as an infection.

One feels a lot of pain when an eruption of the wisdom teeth pushes through the gum. Wisdom teeth that erupt at odd angles can cause pain in the surrounding teeth as well. Your wisdom teeth may be removed even when they are not causing you pain or discomfort; they may be removed because your dentist can recognize that they are going to cause you future problems down the line. Please keep in mind that even though you can temporarily ease the pain with different remedies or medicine, this relief is just temporary.

Going to the dentist is especially a pain when you know you have issues to get worked on. Unlike other dental issues that are simpler to treat, wisdom teeth are more difficult and can cause issues both before and after their extraction. That said, sometimes people’s wisdom teeth will come in at an angle without causing any pain or discomfort. Nevertheless, wisdom teeth need to be examined regularly, because they are particularly susceptible to infections that cause gum severe sickness, tooth decay, abscesses, and also other serious dental conditions.

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Why You Need To Schedule A Wisdom Teeth Removal March 20, 2017