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The third molars, or wisdom teeth, only emerge for young adults in their late teens or early twenties, and they tend to be associated with dental complications. They usually grow after the 28 adult teeth are in place, thus, they are referred to as late comers. Wisdom teeth typically only emerge partway or come in at an angle, with two on each jaw. The following information should convince you that an experienced wisdom tooth dentist is vital to your removal procedure.

One of the more common gum infections that can develop after a wisdom tooth extraction that has gone wrong is dental caries. Neglected, this type of infection can cause holes in the remaining healthy teeth. You can’t even imagine the kind of harm that these damaged teeth can do to an otherwise perfect smile. The chance of such unwanted complications is far lower when you have your wisdom teeth removed by a highly experienced dental professional. Finding the proper doctor is definitely the only solution when you have a bad smelling mouth and imperfect smile.

People fear going for checkups even when they are okay let alone when they’ve an issue. Wisdom teeth are on another level compared to a simple sore mouth, and can cause issues after the extraction process is over. Some people, however, are fortunate enough never to experience wisdom tooth problems, and never need to have their third molars pulled out. Either way, third molars need to be checked consistently because they can often hide serious infections that can develop into gum severe ailment, decay, abscesses, and benign growths in the mouth.

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Failing to eliminate infected wisdom teeth promptly can cause infection to spread to the soft tissues of the mouth, tongue, and throat. Any oral infection can make it impossible to eat solid food, and when your throat becomes infected, you may find it too painful to swallow anything at all. These types of infections can become very serious and may prevent you from eating for days or even weeks.

When you have a dry socket after a tooth has been extracted, you will experience a recurring throbbing pain, a foul smell from your mouth and in certain cases, a stiff jaw. The best treatment for it’s the removal of any food remains before it’s covered with an analgesic medicated dressing. This dressing usually has clove oil, an analgesic to soothe the dry socket.

Another problem that can arise is when a devastating nerve damage is left open by a careless practitioner after surgery and it needs to be attended to by the right wisdom teeth dentist. Symptoms of this problem include prickling sensations, numbness and pain in the chin, tongue, lower lip and also the gums. While there’re some rare cases, nerve damage can potentially be permanent if not treated right away. Root canal therapy is one possibility if you end up with nerve damage after removing molars.

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Learn Why You Should See Your Wisdom Teeth Dentist March 20, 2017